Why Your Blog Needs A Content Calendar

Why Your Blog Needs A Content Calendar

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Emma Drew is an award-winning personal finance blogger who blogs all about ways to make money, save money and live the life you want. Emma is passionate about sharing genuine money-making and money-saving opportunities and as one of my fellow money blogger pal has very kindly offered to guest post for us today so be sure to show her some love! You can find Emma on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.

Over to Emma…

I’m so grateful every day that I get to blog full-time as my source of income, but being a full-time blogger can sometimes feel like I’m working 2 jobs at once! As a blogger, you’re responsible for so many jobs such as content creating, negotiating pitches and optimising SEO on your blog just to name a few! One of my saving graces that’s made my life as blogger so much easier is creating a content calendar and if you’re not using one for your blog, I’m about to change the game for you. 

What is a content calendar? 

A content calendar is simply a calendar you’ll use to plan EVERYTHING related to your blog and content schedule. The beauty of a content calendar is that once it is in place and built up it allows you take a quick glance at your calendar and you know exactly what content will be coming up that week, that month or even that year. 

Why Is It So Important to Plan My Blog Content?

How many times have you realised you needed to get a blog post or a newsletter out and had to rush it in an hour before your publish time? A few too many to count? I know I’ve been in that situation! Having a content calendar allows you to get ahead with your content and once you know exactly what needs to go out when you can set aside some time to bulk create your posts in advance and just schedule them out. 

How to get started designing your content calendar

You can do this either on an old-school print-out calendar or you can download software such as Trello or a calendar app. WordPress even has a handy calendar plugin you can use which has been a total life saver for me! I will say, if you decide to use a physical calendar, write down your posts on post-it notes as you will be moving content around once it’s in place! 

Once you have you calendar, figure out how many times you want to upload content. It could be once a week, once a month or multiple times a week. Having the calendar will help give you a clear picture of when to schedule out your posts. 

How to plan for each blog category 

If your blog has multiple categories, you can take this into account on your calendar. Maybe dedicate one day per week to each category or swap them around to stay fresh? This will depend entirely on what works best for your audience so consider experimenting to see what’s best! 

Plan ahead for holidays 

Having your content calendar in place will let you plan ahead for any upcoming holidays. I’d recommend using this as a starting point and then where there’s gaps, fill it with evergreen content that can work throughout the year. You can also use the holidays to plan any product sales too if you also sell products! 

I’d highly recommend having a content calendar is place, it honestly has made my content planning almost doing itself. 

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