Why you should shop around when renewing your domain

Why you should shop around when renewing your domain

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February is seen as the time of the year that two of my domain names are due to be renewed and of course being themoneysavingmum.com by name and by nature I felt I had to write this post to share with you the importance of why you should shop around when renewing your domain.

Renewing domain name

I’m currently with 1and1 (now known as IONOS) for all my domains and my hosting and as I write this post they’re quoting me to renew the domains with them; £15.59 for my .com site and £19.19 for another .net one.

Why you should shop around when renewing your domain | IONOS renewal prices

It’s likely, unless you own a very popular domain name that you will have spent a lot less than these prices when you first chose and bought your domain name… like me!

This is why it’s important when it comes around to renew your domain, just like I should hope you do with car, home and your utility bills, you shop around to get the best deal.

It’s worth noting at this point that you do not HAVE to have your domain with the same company that your hosting is at. I will accept that it’s easy to have it all in one place but it’s not a must.

Being in the position I’m in and the fact I work digital.. I hear the names of A LOT of hosting companies along the way.

Some I probably wouldn’t touch with a barge pole, some I wouldn’t give a second change (*IONOS being one.. hence why I’m moving away from them as soon as I can!) but some that really make a difference to people and particularly their busy lives.

*Lyricalhost.com is one of those companies.

I haven’t heard anything bad about *Lyrical Host so I thought I would check them out initially just to see what their domain charges were like rather than anything else but I honestly think I will be taking across ALL of my sites, domains and anything else they want of me as and when things are up for renewal!

Cheap domain transfer and renewal

Why you should shop around when renewing your domain | Lyrical Host renewal price

Now I accept that the fee to register a brand new domain is not the cheapest I’ve seen out there however once you are past that first year they extremely competitive.

I love how, unlike IONOS, they could be seen to be rewarding you as a customer. They aren’t trying to get more money out of you each year you stay with them and on this specific renewal I actually saved £11.80 transferring two domains across to Lyrical Host!

There are no extra fees either… now I’m not saying VAT is a hidden/extra fee per se but it doesn’t half boost the price up when you see it there in front of you don’t you agree!? I also don’t have to pay to hide my name and address either over on WHOIS which is an addition fee on IONOS and I know how that it’s going to cost me the same next year as it has this!

Why you should shop around when renewing your domain | Lyrical Host banner

Lyrical Host pride themselves on transparent pricing and honest services with exactly this; no hidden costs or upsells. They also specialise in hosting for bloggers and so know exactly what us bloggers are talking about when it comes to plugins, tools even SEO!

The only thing I didn’t know and didn’t think was made clear until I made my transfer is that they only allow one email address per domain name… which is totally ok for most but I do have custom ones for each and everyone of my clients in relation to my virtual assistance services so that could cause an issue as and when I go to transfer this one over for example as I would need to purchase additional emails at £9.99/year for up to 5 (if I remember rightly!)

Check them out for yourself… I can’t wait to give you more feedback on my experiences with them as and when I begin to transfer all my hosting to them too!

Hope this helps!

Kirsty x

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