Why you should be using Pinterest for business

Why you should be using Pinterest for business

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If someone was to ask you to name all the available social media channels out there… Pinterest is probably not the first social media channel you think of!

It’s likely to not even be included in the ones you do reel off to be fair but but it’s one that not only a blogger should be using and have access to but also a business too!


Pinterest for business

Why you ask? Well Pinterest is one of the very few social media platforms where clicks are highly likely to lead to sales. People go on Pinterest to search for something they are looking at buying, investing in or are genuinely interested in.

They come to you.. instead of you going to them to sell something they are coming to you to buy something.


Misconceptions about Pinterest

Here are some of the common misconceptions about Pinterest:

  • It’s only women that use it
  • People only pin food, wedding and decor content
  • My target audience isn’t on Pinterest
  • I don’t have time to introduce another social network

So you will be probably surprised to find out that:

  • Yes women do make up the majority of users on Pinterest – but we are also the ones that tend to have the bright ideas that men eventually end up loving too right 😉
  • Travel is extremely popular on Pinterest.. one of my own travel sites gets more views from Pinterest than anywhere.
  • Like I mentioned earlier people who use Pinterest are looking for something.. they may not be your ideal customer or client right now but they could be! You may even find your ideal client is someone you’ve not even thought about!
  • It’s true … it IS ‘just another social network’ … I can’t deny that but it’s a powerful tool that you must utilise. Facebook might as well tell us that businesses are going to have to pay to use their platform in 5 years time (I don’t know that for sure but I can see it already going that way that!) so make time. Don’t rely on one platform to grow your business… you wouldn’t build a house on someone else yard would you?!

Pinterest can drive so many clicks to a website which obviously turns into more traffic and all being well sales too. If you want someone on your website then ensure you are creating shareable content, content that fits all (which is why you should create 4 pins per post which I will talk about in my top 10 tips to crack Pinterest!) and good quality visuals…. Pinterest is the way to do get people to your website more than any other social media source because every single image contains a link… FACT!


Pinterest is like a big visual search engine where people can be seen to research the planning of a trip for example, once booked they are looking for things to do when they get out there AND they are looking for ideas on what to pack with children in tow!

Thats just an example as far a business or blog in the travel niche is concerned… but you cannot tell me you’ve never looked on Pinterest for a recipe or how to make something with the children!?


The last reason I’m going to give to all you small/medium businesses owners is that Pinterest will tell you what’s trending. There might be something that is really really hot at the minute that you have some content for that you can pounce on immediately.


For example at the time of writing this post I can see that the following are popular searches RIGHT NOW over on Pinterest:


If you already have content on Pinterest that could be found using these searches then get repining them right now… ensure the description is as optimised as you can get it and get it out there in the Pinterest-world!


By keeping an eye on those things that are trending is another form of content creation too.. it might give you an idea to create a post or give you that kick to add to Pinterest some of your save the date creations!


I hope this helps and has allowed you to see how lucrative Pinterest can be to not only a blogger but any small/medium business too!


If I can be of any assistance in managing your Pinterest for either your business or blog then feel free to drop me an email.

Thanks for reading!

Kirsty x

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