Why would I need to create cornerstone content?

Why would I need to create cornerstone content?

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So you’ve seen on the Yoast plugin that little slider that asks you within the SEO section of your blog post if you want to mark your content as cornerstone content right? But why and when do you need to mark something as cornerstone content?

When should i mark a post as Cornerstone content?

It’s quite simple really.. if you are wanting Google to recognise you as an ‘expert’ on a specialist subject and you comfortably and confidently creating content about a certain topic regularly; then you need to start marking content as cornerstone as soon as you can.

However sliding that slider in Yoast is just the start because cornerstone content should be based around a hub page. It’s ok enabling cornerstone content on each individual blog post but you must also create a stand alone blog post that provides excessive value to your readers and is fully optimised from the off. The blog post should not only be filled with tons of information plus also links throughout to every other piece of content you’ve produced, based on that specific topic.

Cornerstone is also super important element for your SEO strategy because having one place that takes readers off to wherever they want to be will show to Google you are a trustworthy site. You are giving your readers what they want and they will rank you higher based on the keywords within.

When people arrive on your page they can see a central area of all things in relation to that specific topic and get everything they’ve ever wanted to know on that topic from that one place.

Did you know that if you have multiple pieces of content that are all based around the same keywords, no matter how hard you try to optimise them you do run the risk of being unable to rank for any?

Yoast call it keyword cannibalization however it can be solved using internal linking which is where cornerstone content can really benefit your SEO.

Got it? Now head on over to see how to choose your cornerstones…


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