SocialBee review… the best social media scheduler?

SocialBee review… the best social media scheduler?

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I started using Socialbee on behalf of a client back in 2018 and after a conference call with the Chief Executive Bee himself I very quickly knew it was something that I needed sooo badly!

Socialbee was born in 2016…. in the spare room of Vlad Hosu! Both he & Ovi Negrean have not stopped growing since and are continuously improving their products, services and team.

I really love how they started their business… it’s so inspiring too! It shows I still have hope as I sit here typing this in my office/playroom!

I’ll be honest though and say that I have absolutely NO experience of any other social media scheduler but right now I have absolutely no need to try any other social media scheduler!

*SocialBee gives me everything I need and more as far as my own social media is concerned… isn’t it funny how you manage other peoples accounts with ease but then have no interest in doing the same to your own 🙂 so SocialBee is an absolute lifesaver to just keep mine ticking over.

In addition to being a platform where you can manage all your social media platforms, it also has a concierge area whereby you can pay additional amounts per month to allow SocialBee to grow your Twitter, Instagram and can even provide you with a content writer!

I’ve previously advantage of the Twitter growth in the concierge area of the platform where I had my own little Bee to take on my own Twitter account.

Twitter is not a platform that I feel I have time to invest in and although it helped the growth without me doing much at all… I still felt I needed the time there to engage and interact with those that had initiated a conversation with me from the SocialBee prompts so I did cancel my subscription but it was such an amazing tool.

I now take full advantage of the RSS feed option, particularly over on my Twitter/YouTube account, where I am now seen to constantly share vlogs and videos from people I admire and watch myself in addition to my own blog posts at the times I’ve set in my schedule.

SocialBee offer three basic packages however instead of me explaining the pros and cons of each check out the graphic below or head on over to their super simple and easy to read *website here where you will find everything you need.

You can also just jump on chat if you have any questions on anything which I love (although it’s not 24/7!)

Prices, at the time of posting, start from as little as $19/month which is ideal for bloggers in my opinion.

Don’t get me wrong you still have to work on the platform… I’m on it weekly updating my RSS feed, checking my schedules, shuffling posts and increasing/decreasing manually if necessary but it saves me and so many other people SOOOO much time!

Why not sign up for their 14-day free trial to see how you get on… i’ve no doubt you will love it as much as me!

If you happen to require some onboarding help with setting up your SocialBee categories, accounts or RSS feeds then feel free to drop me an email and I will be happy to help 🙂 once it’s done it done and you will not look back!


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  • Joleisa February 8, 2019 at 10:12 am

    I had to go back and read this again. I thought it was a free program but then i realise it’s not.
    I will check it out and give it a go. Hopefully it’s not too techy for me. I really need to get this going.
    Thanks for your review.

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