The Secret to Creating SEO Friendly Blog Posts That Google Will WANT To Rank!

The Secret to Creating SEO Friendly Blog Posts That Google Will WANT To Rank!

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SEO is not difficult but it’s an element that alot of bloggers either don’t have the time to learn, don’t see the point in learning because they’re happy with their stats that are getting from elsewhere or they feel like there is just waaay to much to it to even begin to comprehend implementing it into their strategy!

Unless you’re focusing on SEO from the very start of your blog, it’s unlikely you will be in the mindset of ensuring that every single post is as SEO’d as it could possibly be before you publish too but…

That’s ok…! You are not alone & I get it.. I‘ve been there!

But just know that SEO isn’t a marketing cost…. it’s a true business investment.

Whether that investment is in monetary form or solely your time… the actions you take now will have an impact on your site, business and/or blog that is sure to last more than several years!

There are many bloggers that don’t even think about SEO until well into their blogging journey. The majority of my clients are actually those who have either thought they’ve done as much optimisation to their posts as they possibly can or have been doing the bare minimum for years due to other priorities.

Previous clients are seeing big results from the work I’ve done on their previous posts including passive income via Mediavine and affiliate sales.

Some clients also have new content strategies from the suggested rankable blog post ideas that I provide them monthly and are creating new pieces of content that we know people want to read!

Others are getting opportunities from their blog posts that are ranking higher than they’ve ever been ranked before! I still can’t quite believe I had a 2nd ranking blog post on Google for a ridiculously difficult keyword a few months back and it is STILL on the first page of Yahoo and Bing!

So if you feel it’s about time you learnt SEO but want it in simple terms?

Whether you want to increase your organic views to advertisement levels or increase your existing passive income?

Would you give anything to have your posts seen by people actually searching for answers via Google instead of you having to share each and everyone on Facebook?

And be able to ask questions LIVE to someone who has increased the organic views of so many bloggers using solely search engine optimisation?

If you’ve answered YES to even just one of those statements… you are going to want to be a part of this webinar where I will show you everything you need to know to get your content ranking on Google.

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