Basic SEO


PAYG Basic SEO – £20/month

If you want to improve your SEO but instead of paying hourly you’d prefer to budget for x-amount each month then this is the deal for you.

If you’d prefer to contract me for a set period of time which will allow me to get through ALL your posts sooner rather than later then discounts are available for bulk blog posts (above 25) just drop me an email before you buy or if you wish to buy more than one package then feel free.

For just £20 I will:

SEO 5 existing blog posts (any unused ‘credits’ remaining at the end of the month will NOT be carried over)

Basic on-page SEO Keyword Research & analysis (up to 2 keywords)

Google console analysis and sitemap checks

Title optimisation

Meta descriptions

Correct use of headers

Ensure readability

SEO for images

Link optimisation

A very basic and easy to read overview of areas needing improvements