Basic Facebook support

Basic Facebook support

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Although there is a lot more to Social Media marketing than solely posting content, I completely understand that some people are more than happy to just do that!

A social media strategy might not be something you’re wanting to work on at the moment or perhaps you are just too busy to keep up your schedule?  Not too bothered about growth right now? Just want to stay visible and consistent?

Whatever your reason for just wanting support to post updates; this super basic package and the most affordable social media management package we do, allows you to continue posting whatever you want without lifting a finger!

I will then post them for you in a way that will hopefully engage and encourage your audience without you even having to take time out of your busy schedule or even think about what to write!

I can even make suggestions on future content that I feel you ought to be creating for your audience but more importantly this basic package allows you to just keep creating without having to worry about posting!

(price per month / content permitting max posting 4 times per week)

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