What should you be posting on social media and why?

What should you be posting on social media and why?

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Not all of your content needs to be posted everywhere.  Read on to find out what you should be posting on social media and why!

Each platform has it’s own audience; you may find if you run your analytics for each and every platform you have something on each that makes it different from the next whether that be the demographics as far as age is concerned, or location or engagement.

Here are the guidelines that we work to:

What to post on Facebook?

Videos and curated content.  Content you can reuse over and over again i.e. blog posts. Try not to repeat the same posts (same blog post with different descriptions are fine) but you don’t really want to be reusing the same text.

Live videos are very popular on Facebook too.  

Facebook is a lot more visual than ever before; people like to see video clips and pictures etc.  Don’t tell you you’ve never gotten yourself caught in that Facebook video ‘net’ or loop as my husband tells me he regularly does when on the toilet(!) where you’re watching one video and once you’re finished it automatically goes to another… next minute you’re watching a Monkey eating a banana on a bike!  

Nope you didn’t start with that but that’s exactly why you should be uploading a lot of visually appealing content.  

Ensure you upload your video content directly to Facebook too… Facebook likes Facebook… Facebook doesn’t like YouTube (I don’t know if that’s a fact mind but stats show that this is certainly a factor!).

Facebook wants us to stay on Facebook not watch videos from elsewhere so chances are they will give you more of a reach if you use their platform than sharing via someone else’s.

What to post on Instagram?

Photos, quotes and stories.  You don’t necessarily need to share you stories immediately, save them and share them when you’ve got a minute.  

Graphics are good on Instagram too and can be designed and resized to fit perfectly on Canva.  Instagram is owned by Facebook so it’s not too bad if you do use their sharing facility between the two but try and avoid if you can.  Post separately and directly only because you shouldn’t be really posting the same picture at the same time on another platform.  Consider sharing to Facebook from Instagram at a later date if you can.

What to post on Twitter?

Similar to Facebook as in the curated content. Twitter is a very quick moving platform and they don’t tend to (yet!) restrict people from seeing your content the more you post un like Facebook.

You don’t want your followers just constantly seeing your work pop up as they scroll down their feed… chances are they’d unfollow and we don’t want that!  So drip feed content into Twitter and make sure you emphasise when you’ve posted a *new blog post* or *new vlog* so people know it’s new content.  Gifs are also a good one to share on twitter because of the type of platform and of course retweets from other people.

I actually set up an RSS feed from Socialbee to automatically post fellow bloggers content over there which works really well and mixes up the content too.

What to post on LinkedIn?

Business and professional related content only. Testimonials go down very well on LinkedIn too!

What to post on Pinterest?

All your pinnable images from your blog posts, websites.  

Reviews/testimonials etc are a good one too to optimise and create for Pinterest.

So I think that’s the main social media platforms covered… I hope it’s helped to create, plan and has given you some ideas on what you should be posting on social media.

Speak soon!


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