Social media management

Chances are if you already have a blog you will be on social media.

But how often do you post? Are your updates just thrown together without much thought so you can say you are active on social media? Are you consistent? Or are you someone who posts multiple posts in one day and then nothing for a week?

You may well be on it like a car bonnet every single day across all platforms but is that putting you in a position of being unable to do anything BUT social media marketing?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with trying to cover all bases but chances are without help you won’t be able to sustain it. It’s also extremely likely that you will be posting the same thing across all available platforms which is not really best practice. You may even find you are posting without actually thinking about what you are posting. If you do feel like you can do everything, something elsewhere will be slipping.

NO ONE can do everything & that’s where I come in!

Things I can do for you…

I can provide support on either one platform or four!
I can share your pre existing content from a website, blog or product based catalogue.
I can produce NEW content or written copy every single time you post.
I can analyse insights and post at the best times to reach YOUR audience.
I can interact and encourage engagement with your audience if required or leave that bit to you?
I will optimise every post I share for readability purposes.
I can create eye catching and engaging infographics if needs be!
I will monitor insights monthly so you don’t have to.
I will create a social media strategy to suit you, your budget and your audience.

I have over 8 years of marketing on social media experience and have worked with businesses in the wedding industry, bakeries, travel, small craft businesses, personal finance and of course bloggers!

Please note: although I have some experience of Facebook advertising it is not something I specialise in.

Social media management testimonial

Our experience with Kirsty Holden & HLDN Media has been terrific. The quality of our social media posts has improved dramatically during [our] time together, along with the timing of those posts. Kirsty understands how [to] engage our audience and most importantly when to engage [with] them. She went to great pains to meet up with us, understand our business model and put together a social media strategy that made sense and didn’t break the bank. She was very creative in putting content together and was always as thrilled about getting a good response from our customers as we were. She invested in way beyond our contractual agreement and for that we are very grateful. We would wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Simon Everett & Kevin Chippendale |