Social media management

If you aren’t already on social media they you should be!  I’m not saying to go all out and sign up for anything and try to take the world by storm overnight with every single social media platform going; take it slow and create yourself a proper strategy!

Theres nothing wrong with trying to cover all bases but chances are without help you won’t be able to sustain it or if you feel like you can something elsewhere will be slipping.  NO ONE can do everything… that’s where I come in.

Check out the graph below comparing one of my clients average reach over on Facebook when they didn’t have me on board (May – July) as their Social Media Manager to now (August – October)

I can help you with either just one platform or four!

I can produce for you curated content you can use over and over again

or produce NEW content every single time you post.

I can schedule posts at the times to reach YOUR audience

and Interact with your audience if necessary to encourage engagement.

I will optimise each and every post I share and

when required create eye catching and engaging graphics.

I will monitor insights regularly and lastly

create a strategy!

In have over 7 years of marketing social media experience and have worked with businesses in the wedding industry, bakeries, travel agencies, small craft businesses and bloggers.

If it’s something you feel you could do with some help with then just drop me an email.

Social media management