Pinterest management

Are you using Pinterest as you should?

I’m not just talking about just searching for bedroom decor, hairstyles or bathroom designs (these are still totally ok to search for by the way!) but I’m referring to driving clicks to your blog/business?

Do you know how Pinterest friendly is your site as a whole?  

Are your images Pinterest optimised?  

Do you know how to drive viewers to your site?  

Do you know what pins are working and what pins aren’t?  

And if you’re not at all using to Pinterest market your business, they you’re missing out!


Pinterest is one of my favourite tools.  I have proven results and have seen increases as high of 98% from one month to the next on click throughs but I’ll admit it can be a slow process.  


I see so many people giving up because they’re expecting results in a week… 

It takes time and consistency.  

Time that the majority of people do not have… I get that!

But don’t worry that’s where I can help!


I can:

> create & design multiple pins and assist with brand styling <

 > create boards <

> apply for entry to group boards and tribes (Tailwind account required) <

 > monitor your Pinterest analytics <

> assist in creating a schedule <

> optimise your Pinterest account for business <

> optimise your blog images for Pinterest and create multiple pinable images <

> organise and update your Pinterest portfolio <

> set up a Tailwind account for automatic pinning <

> arrange your Tailwind loop so you need to do very little ever again! <


Full Pinterest management starts from as little as £80/month

Pin design from £10 (4 pins/templates that you can repurpose for future posts)


Drop me an email to discuss your requirements and get Pinterest on your side!