Here are just a few things I can do to help market your blog or business.

Facebook messenger marketing

You can never have too many mailing lists and heres another to add to your marketing strategy!

Share updates direct to your clients or customers inbox via a chatbot.  Instigate conversations, send links to new products and save time by allowing the ChatBot to answer common questions.

Mailchimp Management

Have you taken time to create your own mailing list?

I can not only help with the creation of infographics and suggestive opt ins but I can design and set up sign up forms, pop ups and send weekly or monthly newsletters to your readers who WANT to read more about you.

social media management

Social media in the bane of so many peoples lives.. they feel like they NEED to be on it but don’t necessarily WANT to be on it and when they do go on they feel like they’ve never been off it!

Do you know if you are posting at the right time for your audience?  Do you know if you are providing the right content across each individual platform?  Do you know which type of content works better on each?  

Don’t worry you don’t have too.. although I have blog posts to help you if you really want to I can help analyse all of that and create content too if necessary!

Pinterest Management

If you’re not already on Pinterest then you need to be…!

Whether your a blogger or an online business owner selling your services on physical product the fact that 250 million people use Pinterest every month is a good enough reason to get yourself on there if not to directly sell then to raise awareness and drive traffic to your site.