Increase your Google rank – SEO services

Improving your blog SEO takes time and effort… more if you aren’t experienced in it so let me do it for you!

We have proven results using our SEO optimisation skills to rank your site and blog posts higher on google so why not ask us to look at yours?



What is SEO?

SEO is short for search engine optimisation.

Do you optimise your blog by researching keywords?  Do you create attractive meta descriptions or include internal links?  Are you using the correct headers and renaming all your images (inc the alt text?) and do your URL’s too include the keywords?  If no then SEO is probably something you really need to think about.

“But I get all my views via social media.. why does it matter about the SEO?”

What if Facebook, Twitter or Instagram decided to just disappear over night?  What would you do then?  Where would your views be coming from?  It’s absolutely brilliant if you have an engaging Facebook or Twitter account and you too should continue to build that but SEO should never EVER be at the bottom of your marketing strategy.


Unless you chose to hire me to manage your blog as a whole and routinely SEO all of your blog posts; you will be required to provide me with the blog post URL you specifically want optimising.  

If you do not provide me with a list then I will choose to complete those that I feel need it the most.

Improving your rank WILL NOT happen overnight.

One factor for not seeing instant results is apparantly dependant on how long you’ve had your site for.  It’s said that Google considers any site less than 6 months old as a ‘new’ site but that doesn’t mean you should wait to optimise… the sooner you do the better!  It’s also an on-going investment and your SEO should be re-evaluated, I would say, quarterly.  Those with numerous blog posts may find it beneficial to look at it more often than that!

If you would like to discuss an on going relationship whereby I do ALL your posts then I will be more than happy to discuss monthly package deals and offer discounts for over 10 blog posts on a contractual basis.


Are you looking for SEO services that provide higher Google Rankings & More Organic Traffic?