Help for small businesses

There’ll come a time in business when a business owner will need help managing the tasks associated with running their business… not one person can do everything themselves.


Chris Ducker recommends every entrepreneur to create a ‘3 lists to freedom’ for immense entrepreneurial success.  

These three things will help you delegate your time more effectively and boost productivity.


Here are the three things you should write down:

Things you hate doing.

Things you can’t do yourself.

Things you shouldn’t be doing.


There are many advantages of taking on a Virtual Assistant (VA) instead of an employee.

When you hire a VA you pay for the tasks that they do… you don’t have to worry about paying them an annual salary like you would an employee nor do you have to make space, pay overheads or even put them on the payroll!

You can hire a VA by the hour for certain business tasks or per projects rather than paying a part-time or full-time employee to do them regardless of the tasks completed.

The virtual assistant you hire should already have most of the skills needed to do the job so there’s no need for training, they don’t need to fit in with the already busy office annual leave calendar and chances are they will be a lot more flexible than your current employees!  

Here are some of the services I offer that can help you build your brand and better your biz…

This list is not exhaustive… if there is something not listed that you would give anything for help with then get in touch!