Create a newsletter (Mailchimp)

Creating and sending newsletters are a brilliant way to keep in touch with those that genuinely WANT to read more about you and your business.  

These are people that WANT to hear what you have got to say, who LOVE to read the content you product and are likely past the awareness and consideration stage of a buyers journey and would feel confident in making a decision based on what you are telling them.

If you are not taking advantage of that, particularly if you are a business, then you need to start doing so now…!

If you are asking your readers to sign up or subscribe to you via your website whether thats via a pop up or a sign up box, then a newsletter is something you may want to consider bringing to the top of your to-do list.  

Newsletters can be as in-depth as you want them to be; they can be solely business related or you might want to share more personal things with those that again WANT to engage with you. 

Prices start at just £40.00 for creation of 1 monthly/weekly/fortnightly newsletter.

If you’re not yet at the stage of wanting to create regular newsletters or campaigns just yet then be sure to get in touch to discuss other Mailchimp services which could include the setting up a automated email to promote new blog posts, distribution of a sequence/chain of welcome emails when a subscriber joins your list or even creation of a lead magnet to entice readers to sign up to your mailing list.

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