Blog Management

Here are just a few things I can do to help better your blog.

SEO improvements

Are you looking to improve your SEO but would much prefer to just create the content than ‘waste’ time doing the blog-min (aka admin!) for every post?  I can not only go back to optimise every post you’ve created but I can also ensure that the new posts you post are also fully optimised.

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BLOG health check

Would you like someone to routinely check everything is doing what it should be?

Plugins, back ups or broken links.. they all need checking for the health of your blog as it can also effect the SEO of your blog too so shouldn’t be just left!

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Blog audit

An extremely good place to start if you’ve never outsourced before or if you are just wanting me to make some suggestions as to ways you can improve your blog would be our blog audit.

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Do you need someone to make just a few tweaks to your website, create new categories, redirect old posts or even upload your new blog posts?

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Content repurposing

If you are struggling to find the time to create more content why not get me to repurpose some of your older content?  

Just because it’s ‘old’ it doesn’t mean it’s not being read, or can’t be turned into a vlog, a podcast or even a blog post (if it’s not already!) to create even more content!

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Blog Writing

Looking for someone to create blog posts just ask!

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Mailchimp Management

Have you taken time to create your own mailing list?

I can not only help with the creation of infographics and suggestive opt ins but I can design and set up sign up forms, pop ups and send weekly or monthly newsletters to your readers who WANT to read more about you.

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