Blog Audit

One of the most popular services I offer and one that is an extremely good place to start if you’ve never outsourced before or you want to see how we can work together is our blog audit.  


Being a blogger you shouldn’t have to be accountable to anyone, you do what you want to do and you shouldn’t have to explain your reasons for doing what you are doing to anyone however if you are wanting to turn your blog into a brand and make money from your blog; you should also look at it from an outsiders point of view quite regularly.


how long have you been blogging?

Years, months, days? No matter how long you have been blogging for, you should always make time to regularly sit down and audit the whole of your blog.  

When was the last time you stopped, sat down and had a really good look at your site from an outsiders point a view?  

Sometimes we can be so wrapped up in writing posts and needing to pay those bills that we neglect the actual site itself –  your blog is the summation of all parts, not just the post you are currently writing…. remember that!  


It’s difficult though I get it.. you see it every single day, you won’t see things that Joe Bloggs (totally not a pun!) down up north will see but on the flip side to that you WILL see what he doesn’t so sometimes you need someone to say ‘why exactly is that on there’ or ‘excellent place for a link or great pop up to but do you know that sign up form or link doesn’t actually work’?


The audit I offer is designed to;

> Make effective tweaks and constructive criticism that will help take your blog to the next level <

> Up web traffic and engagement with your audience <

> Allow you to start moving towards making money (or more money!) off of your blog <


The audit I offer includes:

A simple typed review of your blog from not only a VA but also a lifestyle and parenting blogger myself who makes monthly supplemental income through blogging and has managed award winning blogs as a business support manager.


Additional monthly blog audits are also available at a discounted rate (a massive 20% off!) should you want me to have another look in 6-12 months time.


This is not a specific blog post critique; I will of course take a look at some of your blogs but not all.  If you would like me to work specifically on optimising your SEO to potentially increase your ranking on Google then you will need to speak to me about increasing your Google ranking.

Blog Audit - what's working and what's not on your blog?