Managing your email

Allowing someone else access to your inbox might be one of the hardest things you can do but it could also be the most rewarding thing you ever did.

By doing so will allow you the time to concentrate on the things you NEED to concentrate on & the things you NEED to do instead of wasting time deleting completely irrelevant emails or replying to ones with the same answers over and over again!

Allow me access to your ever-growing inbox and I can set up filing systems, prioritise and flag emails for your viewing at a later date and even delete emails that are just clogging up your inbox and reply to ones as and when required.

Being a former LEAN practitioner the 5S system (sort, set, shine, standardise & sustain) is something that now just comes naturally & something I refer to regularly, specifically with regards to email management.

Managing and organising email is a pretty basic virtual assistant role and affordable too so if you’re suffering from a daily deluge of emails getting support from an email virtual assistant could significantly boost your productivity.