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I’m Kirsty, a 30+ year old mother of two (three if you include the hubby!) from East Yorkshire in the north of England.

I’ve worked in a department of a government agency for nearing 13 years now working on various different projects from implementing the principles of LEAN, acting as a customer service liaison officer, being an IT single point of contact and an office Team Leader!  I have worn MANY hats in the last 12 years!

Prior to my current day job I actually worked in a sales office of a paint factory!  It was my first job from leaving school at 16.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of school; don’t get me wrong I got all my GCSE’s and there was no real reason for me not liking it but I like to get stuck in to things and learn as I go.  I remember not really wanting to do anything specific (oh I tell a lie I wanted to be a travel agent!) but after having a week of work experience in Dorothy Perkins and a week at a criminal solicitors; I knew administration and office work was for me.

I chose to leave school, use my RSA typist qualifications to my full advantage and get an office based apprenticeship rather than go to college to study because I just wanted to get working.  I gained Business administration qualifications whilst there along with customer service NVQ’s and at my most recent employment I have furthered that with level 2 and 3 in-house NVQs too.

When I had my first born I reduced my hours to save on the ridiculous cost of childcare.  He still had to go in though and cost us around £150/week.  By reducing my hours at work also meant quite a significant reduction in wage.  That was when I started thinking about how I could earn money around my child from home.

I started a cake business, baking cakes initially for only friends and colleagues and was soon very very busy….!  Way busier than I ever anticipated I would be but also spending more and more time in the kitchen!  It just wasn’t working.  I wasn’t making anything either.  With each and every cake I did I wanted to better myself (that’s me all over!) so I was forever buying new tools, or better ingredients/icing etc so any money I did get went straight back into the business.  I soon decided I needed to add something else to my bow – something that isn’t going to take as much time to prepare and provide me with a greater return!

It was not long after that I decided to make a go in the wedding industry.  A lot of contacts I made through my baking business were also involved in weddings and events and it just made sense to potentially combine the two… I mean who doesn’t want cake at a wedding!?

I invested £1000 that my husband had given me after taking redundancy and bought a few bits and bobs from a candy ferris wheel to big 3ft LOVE lights.  It allowed me to plan my days better and around my, by then, two children.  It worked so much better than being a stand alone cake decorator.

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Whilst running both these businesses AND running my own blog I gained A LOT of experience.  From designing websites to liaising with customers to gaining an immense knowledge of social media I was able to see how vital and such a fantastic addition to a brand and company.  I didn’t advertise anywhere but social media.  Everything was electronic and even designed all my own leaflets for wedding fairs!  I prepared hire agreements, invoices, signs to accompany equipment that went out on hire and of course was extremely proud to have my food health ‘scores on the doors’ literally on my front door.

Anyway back to today… I had hopes the day that this blog post goes live I will be officially unemployed but I was just too eager to get it up so as of the 4 September 2018 I will be no longer employed by a corporate organisation!

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Over 6 months ago my team and I were told we had to go on a resilience training course… smack bang in the middle of my #cognitivebehavioraltherapy. I explained I didn’t want it to clash with what help I had sought myself and what I was being told by a person in the medical profession and I would appreciate it if I was excused. I was made go on the course. They asked us at the end of the course to write down and hand back on a piece of card a commitment to myself that I would feel would boost my health and well-being…. this was mine. My aim was in 6 months I would do this. ….. I’ve just left the office after dropping off my notice of resignation 🎉 with 3 days to spare (technically!!) 👋🏻 . . #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #ididit!

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I have a couple of clients already on long term contracts and being employed meant I was unable to take on anymore but I’m now no longer employed at my ‘day job’ I’m here; ready and waiting for you!  I cannot wait to start working more on and of course my own media company that include my own blog and vlogging channel.

The past 7 years have been a struggle I’m not going to lie but onto the next chapter…. I’m super excited for the future and to build MY business; it’s what I know, it’s what I’m good at and it something that can be worked around my children and my family… what more could I ask for!?

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