How To Create an Epic About Me Page

How To Create an Epic About Me Page

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An about me page is often a page on blogs that is neglected or rather it isn’t seen as a priority to get 100% perfect from the off as other elements of a site are prioritised. I know that was the case on pretty much all of my blogs for a long time! However it really is a SUPER important part of your site that should be updated regularly as it tells your readers everything there is to know about you personally and what they are going to get from reading your blog. Here’s a post on how to create an epic about me page.

What to include in an about me page?

Feel free to download my workbook below but ensure you refer back to this post for information on how to fill it in. You don’t need the workbook it you can write down your answers to each one of these questions on a piece of paper but the workbook is a good prompt and printable too so you can do it anywhere and it does give you a little bit more info on a couple of the points I mention below.

What value do you give your readers?

Although people will land on this page to find out more about YOU they more importantly want to know what YOU can offer THEM.

Who is your blog intended for?

It helps to include in your ‘about me’ page to explain who your blog or website is aimed at; is it parents, businessmen, entrepreneurs, fellow bloggers etc. The earlier you mention who is your ideal reader; the earlier you can make a connection and encourage the reader to stay on the site and want to read more.

Who is your ideal reader?

You don’t necessarily need to mention about who your ideal reader is on your about me page but you should always bare them in mind when writing. If you are a busy working parent and you own a parenting blog for example or you too are a blogger wanting to take their blog to the next step sharing the steps in which you are taking to achieve that… people will resonate with you and again want to read more.

Why should someone read your blog?

Are your readers going to get fashion advice, travel inspiration, photography tips.. what should readers expect from your site. What are readers going to achieve by reading your content and what type of content are your readers going to be receiving.

Why should your readers listen to you?

Are you a parent of twins giving travel advice to those with multiple children or a business women who has grown a business from nothing… what is it about you that gives readers a reason to listen to YOU! What is your USP?

Does your blog have any credibility?

Have you worked with a brand in the past that you are super proud of or that is well recognised around the world? Have you had a video or Facebook post go viral or do you have 100,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel? You could even talk about statistics, how long you’ve been blogging for or the fact you have experience in a particular field having experienced it first hand for over 5 years (for example!)

How does your personal bio fit in with your blog?

Share why you started this blog in the first place, who you want to help, why you want to help them. When did you love for travel first start or why did you have to start saving money… tell your readers a little more about you. Be funny, be honest, tell them about your hobbies & be personal. Think about your ideal reader, who you want to help and share some relatable facts about you.

What is your Call to Action (CTA)?

You want your reader, the person who has read all the way down your ‘about me’ page to stick around for longer and check out more about what you offer.

What can you offer them if they sign up to your mailing list? Can you provide them with an opt in immediately?

Anything else?

It’s entirely up to you if you want to use first or third person i.e I or [the blog name] but people do feel a lot more connected to those who use ‘I’ and read the content as if it is coming from a person rather than a business/blog.

Also don’t forget to include an image as well as some SEO keywords too!

If you need any help putting your together your copy just give me a shout. It is a service I cam offer once you’ve completed all the information on the workbook above.

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