How to back up your blog?

How to back up your blog?

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Do you have a backup of your blog?

If one day you logged onto your blog to find NO content… what would you do?

No one wants to think about their site just disappearing into thin air and them losing ALL their content they’ve worked tirelessly for months even years to create but it happens.  Not often but it can happen to anyone at any time.

But how do you back up your WordPress site?

Some hosting companies do offer their own backups; maybe not as regularly as they could be but they are back ups nevertheless.  

However if you’d rather do it yourself (like me!) then all you need is one simple plugin and a location to save your back up.

It even has it’s own step by step guide when you install it and it’s super simple.

How regularly should I backup my site?

All you need to do is set up how regularly you want to backup your site.  This is entirely up to you but things to consider would be how often you update your site, how often do you add new content.  If you are working on the site every single day then perhaps daily would be better, every other day maybe weekly; it’s entirely your call.

Where should I backup my site?

I personally house it in my google drive; I’d rather it be somewhere independent to me and not on my computer at home.  Should the worse happen with that I won’t be able to access it! With it being somewhere I can access from anywhere gives me peace of mind that I can always get to it.

Those are the only two things you really NEED to set up as far as your backup is concerned.  There are other bits to the plugin but all you really want to do right now if you’ve never backed up before is set where you want to save your backup file.





It’s difficult to say for sure because it depends on how much content you have to back up but mine over at was not long at all.. less than 10 minutes.




Unfortunately not but as I’ve already mentioned it doesn’t take long at all and it will be done (internet connection & amount of content permitting) pretty quick!


Why should I back up my site?


If you are looking at making noticeable changes to your blog such as updating wordpress as a whole, your theme or adding any plugins then that’s also a time ensure you do a back up before you alter anything.


I hope this helps… if you need any help with plugins or would like some help maintaining your blog so you don’t have to just drop me an email.

I’d love to discuss with you a monthly blog maintenance plan which includes checking for broken links, ensuring all your plugins are up to date and of course regularly backing up your site!

Thanks for reading!


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  • Joleisa January 4, 2019 at 11:15 am

    Thanks for this Kirsty. Quite useful, and I am off to do a backup now. By the way, it would be useful to say how long the backup takes and also if I am still able to use the site while the backup is happening.

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