Blog post ideas for beginners ready to take the next step in blogging

Blog post ideas for beginners ready to take the next step in blogging

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We all have to start somewhere and I know what it feels like at the very beginning of blogging you just want to put pen to paper and write about anything that springs to mind and that’s absolutely fine…!

Blogging topics for beginners

(or jus anyone looking for inspiration perhaps!)

Blog post ideas for beginners ready to take the next step in blogging

Writing about anything and everything will get you into the routine, it will help you find yourself, I may even help you realise what you actually WANT to write about but if you are looking to take the next step with your blog check out this list of blogging topics for beginners.

I’ve put this list together through keyword research and if implemented and utilised correctly, it should get you set up and on your way to being recognised by Google and increasing your DA.

Parenting blog post ideas:

The 7 best things about parenting

Toddler reward chart ideas

My advice for new parents

Travel blog post ideas:

My dream destination for a romantic break away

5 of the best tours for seniors travelling alone

Top 5 European Honeymoon cruises

Personal finance blog post ideas:

My budgeting process

Food waste prevention and how you can save yourself some money!

Budgeting for dummies

IT/Tech blog post ideas:

Why I started blogging?

3 basic computer skills you probably didn’t know about

Why you should hire a virtual assistant?

Craft blog post ideas:

What to include in a learn to knit kit?

A guide to t-shirt printing at home

How I became a freelance graphic designer?

Health & fitness blog post ideas:

How I got my fitness instructor certification

Yoga during pregnancy – the benefits.

The best iPhone running app

Food blog post ideas:

Healthy meal plans for busy parents

Home made traditional British food recipes

School packed lunch ideas

So there you have it…. I think I’ve covered there your main blogging niches out there at the minute.. if there’s one you think I’ve missed let me know and I’ll add some content ideas in.

If you would like to receive more rank-able and recommended post titles specifically in relation to your site and your site alone then please feel free to drop me an email.

Thanks for reading!

Kirsty x

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