How to add your website to Google Search console?

How to add your website to Google Search console?

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If you haven’t read the 3 basic WordPress SEO tips then you must do it right now. If you have then you will know that in there I touch on the importance (although not compulsory!) of ensuring you are set up and good to go as far as Google Search console is concerned.

Adding your website Google console

Head over to and sign up for your free account.

Once you are in click ‘add property’ which you will find by clicking on the three lines on the top left hand side of your screen.

If you’ve used Google console before you will know we used to have to specifically ask Google to recognise all the possible variety of website name we have to our domain name however now we only need to put one in under the ‘domain’.

By doing so Google then picks up, using URL as an example, the following matches:




It includes the basic PLUS all subdomains and all protocols (using both https & http) and pretty much captures everything Google needs to start to notice your site.

Once you have followed the instructions above you will be asked to verify your site by entering code into your control panel over at the domain name provider e.g GoDaddy, Lyrical Host etc. If you find this stage difficult then your provider should be willing to help if you explain you are linking the site to Google console.

Once everything is set up you should ensure that the first thing you do is add a sitemap.

Find your property on the top left-hand side of the screen and head to ‘sitemap’. Your domain name may already be pre-populated but all you need to do is type it as follows using the relevant protocol (http or https) (both should pick up the site map but you can add two if you wish) and click submit.

Click submit & you are good to go!

It will take a few days if not more for Google to pick up on your changes and to start to ‘crawl’ your site so there is nothing more you can do at this stage than what you have done already.

Next time you go in your will see any errors that Google has picked up with your site that would affect the visibility or ranking of your site/pages of which will need investigating.

I hope that helps and gives you enough information to make a start on ensuring Google knows you are out there.

Hope that helps!



  • Joleisa May 19, 2019 at 7:38 pm

    I definitely need help! My sites are listed in Google search console but the sitemap bit following the steps you give isn’t working for me. Will send you a little note

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