7 tips on choosing a good blog name (and URL!)

7 tips on choosing a good blog name (and URL!)

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A lot of people, when choosing their URL don’t think about anything other than the names being reeled off by friends, family or even via name generators. It’s likely if you’re reading this you have already got something in mind that you would like to write about or even already got a name you love.


But what is a good blog name?

But before you decide 100%, especially as far as the URL is concerned, here’s a few things you really ought to consider:

  • potential copyright, trademark and brand name issues (for example using Disney on a Disney related website is a no-no!)
  • does it include the keyword of which your site is based around.. for example, mine is money and personal finance. Someone searching for something along the lines of a mum, money & savings would, I hope, be sent to my website because of it’s relevance in the URL.
  • Don’t be too niche… you’re wanting to write about gardening this week but what about if next year you want to start writing about interior design too? gardeningnow.com is not necessarily somewhere someone will go to look for interior design posts!
  • Avoid numbers and hyphens – if you feel you have to use a hyphen to break up a word to save it looking like something it’s not, consider another URL.
  • Is it easy to pronounce? Can it read as something else? Dickson Webb needs to move as far away from dicksonwebb.com (or add a dreaded hyphen!) as they can I’m sure you’ll agree!
  • Go for short, snappy and a catchy blog name ideally for SEO purposes…. if not short make sure it’s worth it i.e memorable, include your keywords and flows off the tongue!
  • Think about your target audience.. who is your ideal reader? Who do you want to reach? If you are looking at reaching value shoppers like myself consider ‘saving’ … if you are wanting to target an upper-class market, then maybe consider something different!

I hope this helps and gives you an idea on what’s hot and what not as far as blog names are concerned… just don’t do a Dickson Webb.. please! 😉

Speak soon!

Kirsty x

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