5 ways a virtual assistant can help your business

5 ways a virtual assistant can help your business

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Chances are you’ve chosen to work for yourself because you want to be free of having to report to someone, you want to do things your way and on your terms!  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that whatsoever… I did exactly the same in July 2018!

What Can A VirtuaL Assistant Do For Me?

One thing though that many home working or self employed business owners struggle with though is letting someone else in and letting things go.

I completely get it; it’s your business, it’s been just you for so long it can be scary… but it may also be one of the best things you ever did. A Virtual Assistant can help both YOU and your business … here’s how!

A Virtual assistant can save you time

There is not enough hours in the day to do everything… everyone knows that whether you’re a parent, a manager, a home working business owner or you have to be a shop for most of the day serving customers.  By getting someone else in to help you with your business could allow you to go to that school assembly or even concentrate on something else that only you can do.

flexible support

A Virtual Assistant can provide super flexible support. Who is going to post that blog post when you’re away, manage your socials, check your emails or check-in your stock?  

Sure you can schedule it all in advance or work double the amount of time on the run-up and do it beforehand but do you really want to rush around like a headless chicken right before you go on holiday? You will have enough on your plate and you’re not superman/woman!  If you have a VA you trust to manage your blog, admin, social or anything else that needs looking after whilst you’re away then that can be a god send and pressure that would be immediately lifted from your shoulders knowing that you’re still pushing out those articles without you even being there.  My ready to publish SEO package is a prime example of this whereby as a blogger you do nothing but create content and I do all the bits that take the time!

Provide personal support To you

When you’re working on something day in day out you cannot always see the wood from the trees.  It’s always nice to have a fresh pair of eyes who can make suggestions for improvement or even provide some constructive criticism. You will thank me later!

You only pay for what you need

We offer hourly rates and package deals and you only pay for the time I work. You don’t pay for my teabags, my toilet breaks nor my lunch (unelss you want to ofcourse!) 😉

I can do the things you hate!

Just because you dislike something it doesn’t mean everyone does.. you know that one thing that pains you to do each week and mentally drains you? Outsource it… get rid!

I hope this helps provide you with just some of the things a Virtual Assistant can do to help you and your business and if I can be of any assistance to you, then feel free to drop me an email.

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