5 Twitter mistakes you want to avoid

5 Twitter mistakes you want to avoid

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I love Twitter as a marketer. I’m not the biggest fan from a consumer point of view and I very rarely just browse to be fair but I do love the fast movement of the platform, the lesser restrictions you have as opposed to Facebook and Instagram and the simple easy read. But do you know of the top 5 Twitter mistakes you want to avoid?

Top 5 Twitter mistakes you want to avoid

Adding too many hashtags

It’s where hashtags began but did you know you can use too many? The character limitations on Twitter help keep your text within a set space however if you use too many that it’s all the people will see without actually reading your text. It just looks messy!

Promote too much of your own products

Refer to the 80/20 rule of marketing – share 80% that will add value and only 20% of that which is promotional. The value can still be from your site just along as it’s not promotional i.e. selling products but it helps massively to include retweets or curated tweets of other users content too.

Retweet just for the sake of retweeting

Make sure you read what you are retweeting.. don’t just retweet for the sake of retweeting. There could be something in there that you should really not be retweeting so be sure to read before you retweet!

Stick by the rules & diversify your content

Although Twitter have rules and best practices just like Facebook and Instagram, as I’ve already touched on their aren’t as hidden or as hard to distinguish and will tell you of any changes that effect users over on their blog.

Earlier this year Twitter altered their automation policy in the hope it prevents spam and multiple account users tweeting the same content out under different user names.

In a nut shell:

  • Twitter users will not be allowed to post identical or near identical content to multiple accounts.

  • Users will not be allowed to use any form of automation (including scheduling) to post identical or near identical content, or to perform actions such as Likes or Retweets. For third-party applications, this means that allowing users to coordinate activity across multiple accounts to simultaneously post Tweets with a specific hashtag (i.e. in an attempt to drive a trend) is also prohibited.

This means that users must be unique in each piece of content they post and they can no longer just repost the same thing continuously.

Although this means content creation now takes a lot more time for marketers it also means there is a better variety of content coming from users.

Don’t burst-tweet!

By burst-tweet I mean don’t tweet for a day and then send everything out in one go.. pace yourself or use the new addition to Twitter where you can create what is like a storyboard and add to tweets without creating new ones.

I hope that helps in giving you a a heads up on Twitter mistakes that you may well be making within your blog or buisness.

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