5 signs it’s time to hire a Pinterest assistant (like me!)

5 signs it’s time to hire a Pinterest assistant (like me!)

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Are you using Pinterest for your business?  I don’t mean just searching for office layouts or Ikea furniture I mean like properly creating leads, click throughs, money and interactions?!  If not then you are missing out especially if your brand and business is solely online!  Here are 5 signs it’s time to hire a Pinterest assistant (like me!)

5 signs it's time to hire a Pinterest assistant (like me!)


You would love to generate traffic from another source, but you just don’t have the time!

Pinterest IS timely and does require consistency but it’s worth it because it’s something that works while you are sleeping!  You cannot possibly do it all so its easy to say I don’t have the time but do you realise how valuable Pinterest be to your business?  Why not let someone else take on your Pinterest management so you can focus on other areas of your business.

You’re scared of having to create another ‘strategy’… you have enough on your plate right!

I get it!  You don’t need another something on your plate.. you already have 5 people to cook for every night!  There is a strategy to Pinterest.. something that changes constantly however I’m what you need to build your brand over on the most visual platform out there and keep up to date with algorithm changes, perks and trends for you!


You have Pinterest but you feel you can’t really do anymore with it?

That’s sometimes how it feels when you are constantly looking at something so close to your heart.  Step away!  There might be something I can bring to the table that you’ve not yet thought of.  Are you pinning 4 pins per post?  Are you pinning your YouTube videos?  Are you pinning your affiliates… believe me there are probably tons of ways you can smash Pinterest that you’ve probably not thought about!

I’m terrible at designing attractive pins…

We can’t all be good at everything!  Aside from NEVER putting yourself down; your pins will look lovely I’m sure!  But from a business point of view we don’t want them to just look lovely.  We want them to WOW, we want them to be clickable, we want them to be enticing!  If you don’t feel you can do then then don’t worry; just outsource!

I have no idea how to read my analytics

This is something that is super important.  How do you know you aren’t doing any good, you could have a pin thats gone viral?!  I can point you in the directions you need to go!

Get in touch for more information on how I can help you manage your Pinterest account or even just design you some new pretty pins!

You can also check out my services for more information on what I do as part of my Pinterest management service or if you just want some help with your pins and perhaps a template to get your going then check this product in my store.

Speak soon!

Kirsty x

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