5 Facebook marketing mistakes you might be making

5 Facebook marketing mistakes you might be making

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Like so many of you I’m sure, I have been on Facebook for many many years specifically in relation to marketing businesses. But are you making one of the many Facebook marketing mistakes that so many small businesses do….

Facebook marketing mistakes

An incomplete profile

Completing your profile in it entirety is one of the most important things you can do with your Facebook page.

From your ‘About’ section of the page right through to your opening hours… ensure everything has something in there.

Don’t forget your cover photo and profile picture too… it acts like a billboard and is the first things that your audience will see when they arrive on your page.

You’re posting only one type of content

Facebook loves variety and so will your audience! Mix it up a little… what will work for one won’t work for someone else so in order to reach and cater for everyone you MUST use every single content option on your Facebook page.

Your content should include:

  • videos (short, long & live!)
  • photos
  • gifs
  • links

You don’t use your insights.

I’ll 100% agree with you that they aren’t the easiest things to get your head around however they are one of the most important things you MUST get your head around if you are looking at marketing yourself over on Facebook.

Even if you just initially look at the basics such as when the best time to post is and country of residence of the majority of your audience and utilise that information.

Once you’ve got your head around that; the next step would be to analyse what posts work well, what posts don’t and what gets the best engagement with your audience.

You are boosting posts.

You should never EVER boost posts….!

In fact you should never put money behind any Facebook advertisement without ensuring you are confident in using Facebook Ad Manager and you do so to the best of it’s ability.

When you boost posts you are basically throwing money down the drain.. money of which you should seriously consider investing into actually creating full Facebook advertisements.

Boosting doesn’t guarantee that who you want to see the post will see the post nor do they really provide any value to your business UNLESS just by luck say a handful of the 1000 people that have seen your post are genuinely interested in what you have got to say.

However it’s more likely that you’ve just wasted £50 showing it to 995 that ARE NOT interested in anything about your page whatsoever because boosting doesn’t allow you to optimise or adapt to your ‘ad’ like those in Facebook ad manager.

Although your reach might look good when you boost a post there is none or very VERY little value in it from a business point of view and is just luck of the draw of who you reach.

You should use these three targeting tricks to reach only audiences that will be interested via Facebook AD Manager only & never boost again:

  1. Target existing customers by uploading a customer list to Facebook Custom Audience.
  2. Target new customers similar to existing customers by creating a Lookalike Audience.
  3. Target new interested customers by targeting those who have interacted with your Facebook page.

You are writing too much!

This does take time to get use to… I mean I can talk for England (hence why I’m a blogger!) 😉 but it’s very easy to write too much on Facebook.

Preview your posts before you schedule and ensure you only type text above the ‘fold’ (above the button your audience has to click to read more).

If you DO have to write more, ensure what is above the ‘fold’ is enticing and provides the reader with a desire to click that ‘read more’ button.

Don’t forget too that desktop and mobile preview are both different so be sure to check both!

I hope this helps in giving you a few pointers when it comes to marketing your business on Facebook.

If you do need some help with scheduling, content creation or insight analysis then feel free to drop me an email and I will be happy to discuss some social media management options with you.

Thanks for reading!


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