Welcome to better your blog…

As a business owner, I know there are only so many hours in the day to get things done and ideally those hours should be used to complete projects that generate the most money and/or enjoyment!

Are you in need of more time to create better content, a new course, more money or even more time to spend with your own family!?

Kirsty at Better your Blog can help any small business or blog by taking on the things you either don’t like doing or just don’t have the time to do!

I can assist with your website SEO, provide you with social media management, manage your whole blog whilst you are off doing the things you really need to do OR just general administration!  

Don’t you think it’s about time someone gave you the freedom to concentrate on the things that you love…. well I’m here to take your blog or small business to the next step and take the pressure off YOU!









A little bit about me

I’m Kirsty!  I’m an experienced virtual assistant having administration experience for 15 years within the MoJ and have been running my own business for 7.  Not only am I a blogger/vlogger myself and have been for many many year I’ve also worked virtually with award winning bloggers on social media strategies, website design and SEO projects with aims that include Mediavine advertisement levels, Pinterest optimisation and social media growth.

If you’re wanting to take your blog from a hobby to a business or even to a brand then you’ve come to the right place.  I can help with most if not all of digital ways and means of optimising your blog through SEO, social media and copywriting.


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 I am also professionally insured through PolicyBee too so rest assured you’re in safe hands!



Kirsty has really helped shed some light on areas of my blog that I have simply been missing. It’s great to have a fresh pair eyes look at your blog from a design perspective. Kirsty also got back to me very quickly and has been professional throughout.

Rich at onehullofadad.com

Kirsty has been an absolute star and blog saver.  She has taken [on] a huge SEO task on my website along from making it Pinterest friendly to the incredible [43% uplift on Google] organic search results. She is extremely proactive and suggests changes and improvements all the time.  The best bit is that she free’s up my time to go out negotiating more work, creating content and making more money!

Lynn at mrsmummypenny.co.uk

As a Blogger it’s all to easy to forget to audit your blog or even worse, audit your blog with your same old eyes over and over! Kirsty gave me a fresh outlook to my blog offering constructive advice that will enhance my blogs user experience and traffic flow. Fresh ideas from a fresh pair of eyes can only ever be beneficial to your blog. Kirsty is knowledgeable, experienced and most importantly forward thinking meaning the advice offered will have an effect on your blog/business. I can 100% recommend Kirsty, it helps she’s a great person too!

David at dadvworld.com

Working with Kirsty has been a breeze! She was able to quickly grasp what I asked of her, and has been able to tackle the job whilst reporting in regularly and making sure that I was still happy with the quality of the work. I have loved working with Kirsty and have increased her workload based on the quality she has delivered.

Emma at emmadrew.info

Kirsty has recently done a blog audit for me, which was really useful.  Having someone look at my blog with a fresh pair of eyes was brilliant and she made some fantastic suggestions for improvement.  She was professions, polite and prompt in all her dealings with me.

Eileen at yourmoneysorted.co.uk