Rates & packages

There are absolutely no hidden costs when it comes to hiring me to complete your tasks & you only pay for the work I do.

You don’t need to worry about sick pay, tax, pension contributions or National Insurance, software licenses, equipment, overheads even tea bags… because I pay all that myself & make my cuppas in my own time NOT yours! All my time is tracked with a report accompanying every invoice & I have full liability insurance & cloud back up for your peace of mind.

If a job involves a high level of expenditure on printing or any other additional service/set up costs (e.g. an in-house software license) that is specifically required for me to fulfil your task (including couriers, postage or mileage) then these will be outlined and billed at cost in addition to the prices shown below.

ad-hoc / pay as you go

My hourly rate if £28 per hour (min 1 hour – must be used over a month)

No tie in.  50% fee due prior to the start of the work and 50% once the work is completed.


My hourly rate is £28 per hour (min 1 hour – cannot be carried over to the following month).

First 2 months, 50% fee due prior to the start of the work and 50% once the work is complete.  Invoiced monthly thereafter with a 14 day term

What is the difference between ad hoc and a Retainer?

If you require me to do a set number of hours or tasks for your per month or you have tasks that are time critical you may want to consider a retainer.  You pay for my time to be blocked out specifically to you each month where as ad hoc hours are as and when I can fit you in.

You will have access to your own email box and your tasks are given priority over ad-hoc work (a 2 month notice period is required to terminate a retainer contract).


Mailchimp monthly newsletter

Created from copy, research & liasing with yourself I will design and send out a monthly newsletter to your readers.

£70 per month.

social media management (ad hoc)

Looking for someone to cover your social media while you are away or just need a break?

Step back, switch off and let me create and post at those optimum time between 5 posts in just one week on one of your social platforms.

£60.00 per week per platform (max 2 weeks)

Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Create a customised ‘sign up button’, widget or pop up for use within posts to begin to build your messenger mailing list

Creation of a reusable WordPress block for easy insertion when creating posts

£50.00 for one sign up option


£15 – each additional button, pop up or widget

£20 – new blog post notification set up and sent to all messenger subscribers