Blog Management

In my opinion there is one thing I will always say to bloggers that they should not outsource… and that’s their content.  

Now that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t outsource the research for said content, or the SEO element of the post including imagery; I mean the actual written content and the words behind it… It’s your blog, your words and your experiences after all!


I can still help you manage your blog though by either generating a list of blog post ideas as well as providing support, encouragement and recommendations to maintain a consistent schedule.


Hiring me for a certain set of hours per week might be something you want to consider if you are requiring full management of your blog or business support and would include pretty much everything you see on here in one package for one price but for those who just would like specific assistance with their individual blog posts I am still more than happy to help!


My clients have in the past tasked me to manage their blog by creating the content themselves and letting me know when it’s sitting in drafts to allow me to ‘do my thing’.

Before we publish I optimise through numerous ways and means.  This leaves them available to write another three by the time I’ve completed the one!  

If you have a certain number or a certain category of posts that you want ‘SEO-ing’ then absolutely send a list across but if you are wanting a complete overhaul and optimisation of all pages and posts then you can by all means leave it with me.  


Any blogger will tell you that the writing of the blog post isn’t what takes the time it’s the ‘crappy bits after and all the little bits that ‘prettify’ and optimise the post elsewhere, including Google, is probably the most important bit so why not outsource it to someone who has the blogging and copywriting skills PLUS knowledge of SEO and kill two birds with one stone!


Once I’ve done my bit, I will either leave it in your drafts to read through and click that publish button when you’re ready or publish it for you!

If you would like to discuss an on going relationship whereby you send EVERYTHING to me to SEO, proof-read and get it 100% ready for publish then I will be more than happy to discuss monthly package deals and discounts for over 10 blog posts on a contractual basis.