Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Have you heard of Facebook Messenger marketing & Chatbots?  

A lot of businesses are connecting with their audience and readers via Facebook messenger but did you know bloggers can use it too?

I’m not only bringing more readers to my site but it’s also giving me the opportunity to create yet another mailing list in addition to my regular email list!

I now have the ability to not only contact those that want to be contacted via email but also via messenger too with new content, relevant news and money saving tips too!

The good thing about it too is that once it’s set up it’s set up and good to go!

There is very little maintenance required until you want to start reaching out to those new subscribers with something other than your new blog posts.

If you are a business selling products or services you will gain so much from setting up a ChatBot within your marketing strategy that if you do it now you will be well ahead of your competitors already when they eventually get around to doing the same!

Have a read of this blog post on why you should seriously consider adding a ChatBot to your Facebook Page.

Set up of your Facebook Messenger Chatbot is priced from just £50.00 so what are you waiting for drop me an email now or check out how a ChatBot works below and feel free to subscribe to my mailing list 😉