Kirsty, founder of digital marketing and business support company hldnmedia.net, is now here to Better Your Blog!  

In addition to being an experienced senior administration assistant, team leader, implementor of LEAN and customer service liason officer for nearing 15 years;  the last 7 have also been spent running her own businesses, working part time & being a mum of two!

If you want to take your blog from a hobby to a business or even a brand then you’ve come to the right place.  

Being an award nominated blogger and owner of a Trips100 top 10 UK travel vlog; Kirsty can help with most if not all of digital ways and means of optimising your blog through SEO, social media, copywriting & video editing.

The majority of her digital skills are self taught however she has undertaken numerous courses in an attempt to better her own blog and brand in the form of how to use affiliates, personal coaching and social media marketing.

You can also be rest assured that anything she recommends she has personally experienced myself and won’t promote something that she don’t agree with or hasn’t worked for her.


Why choose me?


I have been working in the administration department for one of the biggest public sector and government employer for over 12 years.  In my time there I have worked as a Customer Service Liaison Officer, a LEAN agent and had both senior administrator and team leader responsibilities. 

Working to deadlines/targets, having a right first time attitude, being responsible for my own time and conscious of the work I produce is something that now just comes natural to me.  

As I’ve mentioned I started blogging myself in 2015 and was vlogging before vlogging was actually a ‘thing’ so in addition to my existing admin experience; blogging has allowed me to gain an extremely comprehensive knowledge on the designing of WordPress websites, dealing with plugins, SEO as well as graphic design, social media management, diary management & media pack creations.

I have the ability and experience to enhance both a YouTube channel and blogging platforms’ search and discovery potential as well as having extremely extensive knowledge of copywriting and video editing.

Creating hldnmedia.net at the beginning of 2018 has allowed me to not only offer my skills to award winning bloggers, brands and businesses as a freelance digital business support manager but it’s also given me the opportunity to collaborate with some absolutely amazingly creative people which has allowed me to grow my business to what it is today.